High Performance HID discharge lamps

The YODN MSD discharge lamps are a great choice for entertainment lighting fixtures such as Moving Heads, Spots, Beams and Hybrid.
They show best performance results, stable colors, high light output and long life time. The wide product range offers replacement lamps for nearly all existing lighting fixtures in the market.

  • MSD 100R1

  • MSD 132R2

  • MSD 150R3

  • MSD 200s5

  • MSD 230S7

  • MSD 260r9

  • MSD 280r10

  • MSD 300R15

  • MSD 330C8

  • MSD 330S16

  • MSD 350S17

  • MSD 350R17

  • msd 380r18

  • MSD 440R20

  • MSD 440S20



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